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Dear Friends,

On March 29, 2001, I tripped and hit my head on the steel frame of the women's room door in a convenience store. That second in time, the moment of impact, changed my life in a profound way. Little did I know that every aspect of my life would be rearranged by such a small event.

For the next three years I tried to hold onto a miniscule part of my career, my normal physical activities, and enough basic thinking skills to take care of myself as an independent person. With my vision and balance damaged, and an impaired short-term memory, I failed miserably. Even after a 'brain rehabilitation program' that included seeing 6 or 8 doctors every two weeks, I was very far from being the person I was before the accident. It was a very low point in my life. I desperately wanted to be cured. I didn't want to be injured any more... but things don't work out that way.

In the past 6 months--after many doctor's appointments, after finding a therapist that "gets it," and after joining several brain injury support groups--I am starting to come to peace with my altered fate. As a person who liked to be in charge and help others, my hardest lesson has been to learn to accept help from others.

With this website, I hope to share the challenges that I have met so far. I'll share my experiences with my doctors, the brain rehab program and other therapies, tips on applying for social security, and how to survive a lawsuit. I will also try to pass on some of the wisdom of other brain injured people and their support communities. I can't guarantee that all of it will be helpful to you but at least you will know you aren't alone.

In the fall, I hope to add a forum where we can exchange ideas and supportive comments. I'll be signing off for now. As you know, fatigue is a major part of our disability. Take very good care of yourself.

Wishing you all well...

         Pat Murray

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ABOUT TBI contains general information about traumatic brain injury, suggestions for coping with your symptoms, and general self-care hints.

ACCOMMODATIONS is the newest page, with a collection of ideas and strategies that have worked for Pat and other brain injury survivors.

The WELLNESS page is a work in progress, offering suggestions for ways to help balance your life by including healthy food, exercise for body and mind, and even a little fun.

The RESOURCES page has links to support groups, social services, government resources, and major organizations involved in work with brain injury victims.

The LIBRARY contains book reviews, articles and links to more information you may find helpful.

The SHARING page is where we share messages of hope and humor.

At support group meetings I attended, it became clear that all of us had experienced the same difficulties finding information and assistance for the unique problems of brain injured persons. A small group formed with the idea of creating a central place for others to find out where to get help, to learn more about our special issues, and to share personal experience and ideas for how to adapt to our new lives. We are working to establish a nonprofit that can provide wider access to educational and reference materials for victims and their families, as well as a resource list for interested professionals. Check back for updates on their progress, and a link when their website is up and running! 


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